cables is under heavy development.
There might be one or another bug, please let us know about it!
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How to report a bug in cables

As cables is in constant development, there will be bugs here and there. Maybe things are unclear, not properly
documented or just not as you are used to from other backgrounds.

Please provide us with enough information to investigate your issue. This is a small guide on how to do that:

Where to report bugs?

Please keep all bugreports to the forum and make sure the same
or a similar bug has not been posted before.

What information to include in my post to the forum?

A simple step by step explanation that is reproducible

Please include a simple explanation that is showing your issue as isolated as possible.

Bad: While working on my clientproject for 24h straight somewhere in the last few hours something broke!

Good: Connecting a Cube to MainLoop causes by Nintendo DS browser to crash for an exported patch.

A small and simple example patch

As we understand you are not always able to share your patches with us or the community, please try
to isolate the problem as good as possible and provide a simple example patch that displays what
is going wrong. If you make that patch public, maybe someone else on the forum has an idea.

A screenshot of your browsers dev-console

For most browsers you can open the dev-console by rightclicking anywhere on the page, selecting "inspect element"
and then switching to the console tab. Please provide a screenshot of the last few lines that appeared here
before the error encountered.

This is a bit harder to do on a mobile-phone, but if you are used to remote-debugging android/ios-devices
a glimpse into your dev-console would help here also.

Description of your environment

Which browser are you using? Which operating system? Is the patch exported or running on cables (in the editor)?
Are you encountering this on a mobile phone? Is your patch integrated into some kind of CMS (i.e. Wordpress)?
Is your connection to the internet slow? Maybe include the link provided on

Okay, did that, and now?

Please give us some time to investigate on your issue. The more information you provide in public, the more likely
it is that someone on the forums might pick up on your issue. We are trying to be responsive, though.

Found a bug, developers said it is definitely a bug, now?

You'll most likely have to wait for the next release to use the bugfix...sorry...sometimes we provide possible
workarounds for the time until the next release.

I have code that fixes the issue!

Awesome! Try to get in contact with us and we'll take a look at it. Thanks for contributing!

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