cables is under heavy development.
There might be one or another bug, please let us know about it!


2022-10-12 - 2 months ago

New Ops:

Op Enhancements:


  • web: accept/decline requests for collaboration rights, decide between "full access" and "read only"
  • web: allow to leave projects from accepted invitations on invites page
  • web: better layout for invite page
  • web: do not show past accepted invitations for patches that i no longer am a collaborator in
  • web: fix nav overlapping on quest 2 browser
  • web: fix qr-code size on mobile patchpage
  • web: fix userop deletion button on op-page
  • web: fix wrong owner username display in project overviews
  • web: made with cables updates (
  • web: make /view/ ("open in new window") work with secret url
  • web: pagination for "made with cables" page
  • web: pagination for changelog page
  • web: red bubble with invites/requests is now clickable
  • web: request collaboration rights for patch on patch page
  • web: revoke pending invitations in patchsettings
  • web: revoke pending team invitations on teamsettings page
  • web: show "open in editor" button on patchpage for teammembers
  • web: show last change date on /mypatches when sorting by it
  • web: show pending access requests in patchsettings
  • web: teaser for discord/meetup/github


  • core: cgl shader: in/out attribute automatic management, shader mods can define optional attributes


  • editor: add "trigger variable" to suggestions when dragging out-port
  • editor: add autosuggest to inline-css/css mode
  • editor: add fuse.js library for fuzzy search, can be used in userops now
  • editor: add sql mode to code editor
  • editor: added U keyboard shortcut to go up a level in the subpatch hierarchy
  • editor: allow for export without subdirectory
  • editor: build electron on cables servers, remove github requirement
  • editor: configure permissions on patch for collaborators ("full access" and "read only")
  • editor: default skip backup json in export, add option
  • editor: do not draw helper if framebuffer resolution is not of the native aspect ratio, to prevent stretched helper renderings
  • editor: dragging ops snap visually to x positions of existing groups of vertical stacked ops
  • editor: export patch does not contain "made with cables" anymore, please still credit and link us somewhere
  • editor: faster param panel html rendering
  • editor: fix bug when using "existing variable" on out-port would create getter
  • editor: fix bug where ctrl+s saves the op when pressing immediately after minimizing editor
  • editor: fix bug where ctrl+s would not save the patch if specific html elements where focussed
  • editor: fix bug where error/warning dots disappeared from ops after saving the patch
  • editor: fix bug where on some focussed html elements play/pause of timeline did not work
  • editor: fix crash when opname somehow became "null", default to empty string
  • editor: fix ops that force themselves to be set as active op and rerender parampanel
  • editor: fix port dragging line length was to short sometimes
  • editor: fix timeline selection rectangle not showing
  • editor: fix/change license information for cannon.js library
  • editor: handle errors (no permission, project not found, ...) properly in all exports
  • editor: hide leftovers of transform gizmo on patchload that appeared sometimes
  • editor: op search dialog sup- editor: fix bug in subpatch-list where order of children was not always correct
  • editor: port.isLinked() also returns true if assigned to variable or is animated
  • editor: remove delay of space to play/pause timeline on elements other than the patchfield
  • editor: remove namespace-name warning for userops
  • editor: remove urls from export json if exported
  • editor: remove wrongly displayed errors in editor-tabs when using inline css
  • editor: revoke pending invitations in patchsettings
  • editor: searching for ops: when dragging cables or inserting into existing ones: ops in same namespace are ranked higherports basic math functions shortcuts: +-/*
  • editor: send invitations with "read only" permissions form collaboration tab
  • editor: shift+A: improved automatic ordering of ops, improved handling trees and branches of ops, better solving overlapping ops
  • editor: show if op needs to be linked on certain ports, or needs parent to be able to work correctly
  • editor: show pending access requests in patchsettings
  • editor: skip empty descriptions in keyboard shortcuts list
  • editor: support for .jxl file format
  • editor: texturepreview will show animated stripes if a color channel is >1.0 or <0.0"
  • editor: vertical compress ops working better
  • editor: z-index of canvas is not 0 in editor, so it is the same as in exported patches


  • docs: add section on patch permissions (
  • docs: create new section on embedding patches (
  • docs: updated docs for exe-export and add explanation for exporting without subdirectories


  • cables-cli: fix deprecated dependencies, show better error messages (
  • cables-daplaya: updated electron, fixed osx build, added osx-notes to readme (
2022-06-30 - 5 months ago



  • editor: fix keyboard input in exe-exports
  • editor: fix when pasting op, select the pasted op and show its parameters, (not of the original op)
  • editor: remove export-option for older browsers compatibility, not needed anymore
  • editor: update ace-editor (code, css, ...) to newest version


  • website: browser check for webxr vr support
  • website: speedtest fix calculations and change layout
2022-06-23 - 5 months ago

New Ops

Op Enhancements

Editor / Ui

  • editor: fix dragging port title from parameter panel into patchfield
  • editor: switch to op meta tab on doubleclick
  • editor: cmd+, hotkey for patch settings
  • editor: dont show user ops in example patch
  • editor: remove sourcemap reference from libraries to minimize warnings
  • editor: fix editor ui elements showing on remote viewer
  • editor: multiplayer - show guest users currently in the patch for public patches - allow chat
  • editor: use proper patchname in "clone patch" after renaming the patch in settings


  • website: fix searching for usernames
  • website: fix pagination bug on op-page for userops
  • website: fix wrong link to userprofile on op-changelog
  • website: sort templates in patch-creation overlay by name
  • website: add test for webxr and webxr vr to /browser
  • website: favicon better work with both dark and bright themes


  • core: if texture size > max possible size, it will show the default stripes texture