cables is under heavy development.
There might be one or another bug, please let us know about it!


2024-02-15 - 19 days ago


  • editor: subpatch ops: breadcrumb nav now shows a button for "manage op"/port editor
  • editor: subpatch ops: added object type settings for object ports
  • editor: fixed a lag that cable position was lagging behind when dragging ops
  • editor: cursor changes when hovering ops or cables in the patchfield
  • editor: search: :selected shows all selected ops
  • editor: speed up writing and reading of caches
  • editor: add more information to response of creating/updating/cloning ops


  • website: remove empty link to licence when "no licence chosen"
  • website: filter patchops in "my data" by authorname

2024-02-05 - a month ago

op enhancements


  • editor: Default param panel now also shows patch description
  • editor: GPU profiler can show which op is part of the measurement, will be further improved over time...
  • editor: Read permissions for cloning/publishing/... also for subpatchops
  • editor: Tweaked z-indices for maximized canvas/fix overlapping


  • website: Fix bug with ops not found when created on dev/live and vise versa
  • website: Adjusted text color in tables to be more bright
  • website: Fix activity feed page was broken in incognito window in some browsers
  • website: Fix bug in limit update when deleting patch with multiple assets
  • website: Fix cache-writing bug on ops-namespace page that led to weird seperation of lists
  • website: Fix canonical url for namespace page when namespace ends with "."
  • website: Open example patch from editor-link, even when not public
  • website: Properly show and calculate numbers for patch assets

2024-02-01 - a month ago

New Ops

Op Enhancements


  • editor: subpatchops: combine ops to create new ops, called subPatchOps
  • editor: subpatchops: edit ports of subpatchOps via a new user interface
  • editor: click op to highlight cables of active connections
  • editor: better vizualization of hovered cables
  • editor: Add "random patch name" to editorsettings
  • editor: Add command "replace selected ops" to replace ops with another op (be careful)
  • editor: Add user preference to disable number formating to locale format in output port in param panel
  • editor: Add vizlogger to op suggestion list for numbers and strings
  • editor: Added "patch a new op" navigation
  • editor: Added command "op doc json" to debug op doc json data
  • editor: Allow for usage of team-ops, even if not all collabs are member of the team
  • editor: Better collision detection when creating new ops
  • editor: Cables logo in menu not clickable anymore, job list was confusing
  • editor: Canvas magnifier is now bigger and size is related to canvas size
  • editor: Canvas popout button: move canvas rendering to an new window
  • editor: Color picker: fixed bug in some cases opening resulted in NaN
  • editor: Color picker: mousewheel now adjusts color, hue and opacity areas
  • editor: Color picker: now has a opacity slider/input field
  • editor: Custom op titles are now visualized by quotation marks
  • editor: Data urls in op extended titles are shown in a very compact form now / maximum ext title length it 50 characters now
  • editor: Default ops for suggestions and file associations should be always up to date in the future
  • editor: Development message "cables has been updated" is now less annoying
  • editor: Dont switch param panel when unlinking a cable
  • editor: Enabled version and update available check for patch/user/team/extension-ops
  • editor: Error dialogs show syntax highlighted JSON when possible
  • editor: Export - Fix error when exporting unlisted and public patches
  • editor: Export: fix broken form for github export
  • editor: Export: Update webdemo-exe export
  • editor: File manager shows a hint that no patch-files exist and does not switch automatically to the library.
  • editor: Find ops: select button selects all ops in search result list
  • editor: Fix bug when cables would not load in some casesafter using back/foward buttons of the browser
  • editor: Fix bug where op-layout was deleted when saving op
  • editor: Fix flickering when dragging one single op
  • editor: Fix lookup of op-id for old versions of ops in subpatchops
  • editor: Fix placement of tabs in export and patch settings tabs
  • editor: Fixed floating bookmark icon problem when scrolling
  • editor: Fixed op-version lookup during update/downgrade and on op page
  • editor: Fixed table display of array output ports
  • editor: Fixed: highlight whole cable when hovering over a port
  • editor: Fixed: ops where not visible in with canvas patch background mode
  • editor: Gpu profiler shows a warning if there is no performance op in the patch
  • editor: Hover over canvas size field to see more information about pixelDeviceRatio etc
  • editor: Improve cache lookups to always allow update of old version and show deprecation warning
  • editor: Improved generation of keyboard shortcut list
  • editor: Improved performance of selecting many ops in huge patches/many subpatches
  • editor: Improved pixelDeviceRatio handling on change...
  • editor: Layout of op search dialog is now more compact
  • editor: Manage op tab is refreshed automatically when making changes to op
  • editor: New command "simulate scrolling page" to get body scrollbars in the editor
  • editor: Op and namespace colors are now setup to be the color of the main related port of the namespace
  • editor: Op search tweaks
  • editor: Optimize size of serialized patch data
  • editor: Parameter panel: reset to default value button
  • editor: Performance of patches with subpatches improved
  • editor: Port converter ops functionality
  • editor: Remove possibility to convert .wav to .mp3
  • editor: Removed dae linestrip converter functionality
  • editor: Renamed port title now show correctly when using as extended title
  • editor: Search ops new option :currentSubpatch only result from current subpatch
  • editor: Search ops: removed searching of variable content
  • editor: Selected ops border
  • editor: Set author of op when creating op, not on first save
  • editor: Show a constant hint when loaded a backup version of a patch
  • editor: Show canvas size information when hovering over canvas ui bar size button
  • editor: Show recent patches in menu to open quickly
  • editor: Speed up getting of file-list from server
  • editor: Subpatches v2 / SubPatch Ops enabled for everyone to test.
  • editor: Suggestion lists - More readable - Entries are rotated less when list is long
  • editor: Text/code editor is now greyed out when in read only mode
  • editor: Texture and viz ops: show error when patch has no mainloop op
  • editor: Theme color adjustments
  • editor: Theme patchfield - Cables outline border on hover or selection
  • editor: Tooltip dissapear when scroll or it does not make sense anymore
  • editor: Update asset-references for assets used in subpatchops
  • editor: Update op-usage for ops used in subpatchops
  • editor: Vertical snap lines now work with turned off snapping to grid
  • editor: Visual error in param panel when having duplicated port names
  • editor: VizOps can define a zoom level when they should not be rendered anymore
  • editor: When cloning ops, current parameter values are copied over to the new instanced op


  • website: Add attachments to op-emergency editor
  • website: Add canonical urls to all pages
  • website: Add extension ops to op-search result
  • website: Add stats to /mydata page
  • website: Allow team members with full access to edit/rename ops in extension namespace, if team has an extension
  • website: Css adjustment to reduce jumping elements when loading page
  • website: Disallow deletion of assets and ops that are used in subpatchops
  • website: Fix a lot of issued with references to ops/assets when deleting patch, and fix asset-page
  • website: Fix bug in creation of shortid for patches at certain times (remove "-" and "_" from shortids)
  • website: Fix bug where publish date was not saved when publishing patch
  • website: Fix missing first screenshot placeholder on mypatches
  • website: Fix pagination not updating on several pages
  • website: Fix pagination on "my patches" page
  • website: Fix storing wrong version in cache when calling op-page with id instead of name
  • website: Fix/remove overlapping date display in patchlist secion of "my patches" menu
  • website: Fixed color problems with bright color theme
  • website: Improve SEO by adding noindex headers and rework robots.txt
  • website: Introduce "memberships" (like patron/contributor) to increase possible usage limits of storage/upload size
  • website: Make tags unique per project (and prevent publishing with the same tag three times)
  • website: Move (not copy) op to extension namespace from other namespace
  • website: Move additional options to threedots menu in activityfeed
  • website: Op rescue editor layout and functionality improvements
  • website: Patch settings outside of editor: show link to patch page
  • website: Prevent projectids from containing "-" and "_"
  • website: Redirect out of iframe if login/signup/resetpassword pages are opened in an iframe
  • website: Redirect patch-pages with longid to shortid equivalent
  • website: Redirect to newest version when callin opspage with wrong version
  • website: Remove "related ops" feature, was not curated at all and not relevant
  • website: Remove functionality of adding TODOs to any op, clean up docs
  • website: Replace alert-popup with errorboxes on pages that still had these
  • website: Sanitize user input on save for all post, patch, put requests to api
  • website: Search engine, accessibility and content loading strategy optimizations
  • website: Show all ops created by the user under /mydata#ops
  • website: Show all public patchlists on user-profile
  • website: Show op-author avatar on op-page
  • website: Show usage of storagespace/exports/upload size in several places
  • website: Sort public patches by published date on op-page
  • website: Store change of visibility in patch-log when changing to public, and was public before
  • website: Fixed css scope for links on pages with embedded patches
  • website: new op page layout


  • docs: update "how to contribute to cables" section, add teams to the workflow


we created a team for dev ops examples:

Renamed Ops

screenshot Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.Math.RgbMathExpressionop Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.Math.RgbMathExpression
screenshot Ops.Data.StackValues.StackGetArrayop Ops.Data.StackValues.StackGetArray
screenshot Ops.Data.StackValues.StackGetNumberop Ops.Data.StackValues.StackGetNumber
screenshot Ops.Data.StackValues.StackGetTextureop Ops.Data.StackValues.StackGetTexture
screenshot Ops.Data.StackValues.StackPushArrayop Ops.Data.StackValues.StackPushArray
screenshot Ops.Data.StackValues.StackPushNumberop Ops.Data.StackValues.StackPushNumber
screenshot Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.Mixop Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.Mix
screenshot Ops.Gl.Textures.MontageTexturesop Ops.Gl.Textures.MontageTextures
screenshot Ops.Html.FontsLoadedop Ops.Html.FontsLoaded
screenshot Ops.Ui.GetCablesDefaultThemeop Ops.Ui.GetCablesDefaultTheme
screenshot Ops.Ui.SetCablesThemeop Ops.Ui.SetCablesTheme
screenshot Ops.WebAudio.AudioBufferChannelRouterop Ops.WebAudio.AudioBufferChannelRouter
screenshot Ops.Gl.Meshes.ComposingGridOverlayop Ops.Gl.Meshes.ComposingGridOverlay
screenshot Ops.Devices.Mouse.PointerLockop Ops.Devices.Mouse.PointerLock