2024-04-03 - 15 days ago

New Ops

Op Enhancements

Ops Renaming/Deprecation

  • deprecated: Deprecate.Sidebar.LocalTextureFile
  • deprecated: Dev.Debug.CablesEvents
  • deprecated: Gl.Matrix.ScaleXYZ - Use the normal scale op, now has nonscalar scaling
  • deprecated: Gl.Meshes.SuperShape - Use supershapes ops from the supershapes extension
  • deprecated: Html.ElementSize - Use: Ops.Html.ElementClientRect
  • rename: Canvas2texture - CanvasToTexture
  • rename: Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterRecieveArray to SocketClusterReceiveArray
  • rename: Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterRecieveBoolean to SocketClusterReceiveBoolean
  • rename: Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterRecieveNumber to SocketClusterReceiveNumber
  • rename: Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterRecieveObject to SocketClusterReceiveObject
  • rename: Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterRecieveString to SocketClusterReceiveString
  • rename: Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterRecieveTrigger to SocketClusterReceiveTrigger
  • rename: Graphics.Intersection.IntersectRaycast to Graphics.Intersection.IntersectTestRaycast
  • rename: MatcapmaterialNew - Remove New
  • rename: Move base64 stuff to Ops.String.Base64
  • rename: Texture2ColorArray to TextureToColorArray


  • editor: Update dropdown with available libs for op after uploading library to patch (no reload required anymore)
  • editor: Fix cache update when op is onknows (fixes "no op by id"-error when switching between live/dev)
  • editor: Allow editing (sub)patchops for team members with full access
  • editor: Create new op: Default example code now contains ports etc. should be easier
  • editor: Edit op tab: New help button added linking to documentation
  • editor: New command to create a new version of an existing op, will fail if user has no access to current namespace
  • editor: Better positioning of new ops, that where dragged from an existing port, are nor positioned above the linked port on the same x position
  • editor: Animated dropdown/switch parameter should not slow down everything anymore
  • editor: Should now be impossible to save negative sized renderers
  • editor: Hold ctrl to snap y position when turned of "snap to grid"
  • editor: Fixed problem with clicking into background when modal dialogs where showing
  • editor: Do not save disabled state after an op has crashed
  • client side op layout svg rendering respecting the theme colors in op select search
  • editor: Show a hint in the patch summary panel, if the patch was saved on a different environment, e.g. saved on but opened on
  • editor: More tabs are re-opened after reloading the editor
  • editor: Filemanager: More filetype icons
  • editor: Filemanager can now open text file assets in the text editor
  • editor: Fixed problem with subpatch ops could not dropped on to cables to insert/autolink
  • editor: Improved patchfield rendering quality, pixel perfect positioning/no subpixels for patchfield rectangles
  • editor: Added option to continue to load the patch on missing op
  • editor: Better positioning of input/output ops in subpatchOps, position is now set automatically only if the y position is "wrong"
  • editor: Better simulation of a long scrolling page
  • editor: Check for - And duplicate _v in opnames on creation
  • editor: Creating ops fixed bug with asynch check name
  • editor: Fix bug with weird behaviour after deleting and adding viz ops
  • editor: Math ops automatically has an expression title, e.g: 1+X when the first port is 1 and the second port is connected
  • editor: New command (ctrl/cmd+p) "delete unused patch ops"
  • editor: Outdated ops are less intrusive now, no warning sign anymore, "new version" message now smaller
  • editor: Patch analysis - Added list of serialized size of ops, to debug what op is taking how much space
  • editor: Patch analysis - Added to main menu
  • editor: Patch analysis - Fixed order of most used ops
  • editor: Port editor: Input field for additional uiAttribs
  • editor: Show texture preview when hovering texture ports or cables, can be switched to old behaviour in the user preferences.
  • editor: Subpatch ops corelibs where not found if not used outside, or at the first usage.
  • editor: Subpatch ops fixed bugs with connecting new ports to output op / improved automatic linking of new ports etc.


  • website: Allow editing and deletion of op changelog entries
  • website: Add "leave project" button to patchpage for collaborators
  • website: Show "patch has been added to team" in activityfeed
  • website: Remove patchops when deleting patch and warn on delete project page/tab
  • website: Jump back to changelog on oppage after editing/adding an entry
  • website: Ops now can have a license
  • website: Updated
  • website: Re-layout of home, removed masonry.js, added github issues to the feed
  • website: Show small version of activity feed on home
  • website: /browser now shows HDR capability
  • website: Improved automatic port docs: Added object type and possible string title values of parameter switch
  • website: Move frontend js to es6-style/webpack
  • website: Check for - And duplicate _v in opnames on rename
  • website: Fix error in patchlist dialog on patchpage with "op already in list"
  • website: Filter list of custom ops used in project for unique names on patch page
  • website: Speed up loading of /mydata page
  • website: Fix missing pagination on /mydata page
  • website: Fix exception when reading example-patchlists on oppage
  • website: Bugfix exporting of patch for team members
  • website: Clean up follows/followers list for non-existant users
  • website: Return correct json error response on export with no rights for patch, for cables-cli


  • docs: Add FAQ on how to share a patch to get help/feedback
  • cables-cli: Update to es6 modules/import, show errormessage on unknown response
  • other: Increase server performance for database and webservers
screenshot Ops.Anim.ArraySmoothop Ops.Anim.ArraySmooth
screenshot Ops.Array.Array3PointEditorop Ops.Array.Array3PointEditor
screenshot Ops.Array.PointArray.PointsRectangleop Ops.Array.PointArray.PointsRectangle
screenshot Ops.Devices.Browser.JsExpressionop Ops.Devices.Browser.JsExpression
screenshot Ops.Gl.GlBlendFuncop Ops.Gl.GlBlendFunc
screenshot Ops.Graphics.Intersection.IntersectTestPointop Ops.Graphics.Intersection.IntersectTestPoint
screenshot Ops.Html.CompareImagesop Ops.Html.CompareImages
screenshot Ops.Html.ImageElementop Ops.Html.ImageElement
screenshot Ops.Math.Normalizeop Ops.Math.Normalize
screenshot Ops.String.Base64.DownloadBase64Fileop Ops.String.Base64.DownloadBase64File
screenshot Ops.String.HandleBarsHtmlop Ops.String.HandleBarsHtml
screenshot Ops.String.Md5op Ops.String.Md5
screenshot Ops.String.StartsWithop Ops.String.StartsWith
screenshot Ops.String.StringSortLinesop Ops.String.StringSortLines
screenshot Ops.Trigger.RouteTriggerAnimatedop Ops.Trigger.RouteTriggerAnimated

2024-02-15 - 2 months ago


  • editor: subpatch ops: breadcrumb nav now shows a button for "manage op"/port editor
  • editor: subpatch ops: added object type settings for object ports
  • editor: fixed a lag that cable position was lagging behind when dragging ops
  • editor: cursor changes when hovering ops or cables in the patchfield
  • editor: search: :selected shows all selected ops
  • editor: speed up writing and reading of caches
  • editor: add more information to response of creating/updating/cloning ops


  • website: remove empty link to licence when "no licence chosen"
  • website: filter patchops in "my data" by authorname

2024-02-05 - 2 months ago

op enhancements


  • editor: Default param panel now also shows patch description
  • editor: GPU profiler can show which op is part of the measurement, will be further improved over time...
  • editor: Read permissions for cloning/publishing/... also for subpatchops
  • editor: Tweaked z-indices for maximized canvas/fix overlapping


  • website: Fix bug with ops not found when created on dev/live and vise versa
  • website: Adjusted text color in tables to be more bright
  • website: Fix activity feed page was broken in incognito window in some browsers
  • website: Fix bug in limit update when deleting patch with multiple assets
  • website: Fix cache-writing bug on ops-namespace page that led to weird seperation of lists
  • website: Fix canonical url for namespace page when namespace ends with "."
  • website: Open example patch from editor-link, even when not public
  • website: Properly show and calculate numbers for patch assets