2 months ago

  • new op Ops.Gl.Matrix.Camera - easier camera op by @action
  • editor: use browser default antialias setting
  • web: layout op reference page
  • web: users will stay logged in, even when restarting the browser
  • embedding patches: quicker way to set variable values: patch.setVariable(name,value)
  • ui: linking an input port to Ops.Value.Value will adopt the previous value and set a title
  • ui: dragging the patch (right click or pressing space) will not loose selection anymore
  • ui: fix "view op code"
2 months ago

  • doc: added 9 tipps to UI walktghrough cables
  • new op: Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.Noise.WorleyNoise
  • new op: Ops.Gl.Shader.CustomShader
  • new op: Ops.Gl.Shader.Shader2Texture
  • web: you can now set your password in settings
  • UI: project settings: owner is able to change the patch owner
  • UI: new value dragging user interface / dragging values now works on whole field / from left to right
  • UI: op parameter: spacing between value groups
  • UI: text-editor: switch between files via dropdown menu
  • fixed: webgl warning VertexAttribDivisor
  • fixed op textmesh border (premultiplied blendmode)
2 months ago

  • new op: Ops.WebAudio.WebAudioContextRunner - Helper op for unmuting on iOS & Chrome
  • new op: Ops.Sidebar.ColorPicker - Lets you enter / pick a color in the sidebar
  • new op: Ops.Sidebar.DropDown - Drop-down for the sidebar
  • new op: Ops.Sidebar.TextInput - Enter text in the sidebar
  • fix: chrome 66 automatically muting audio playback (sigh)
  • web: improved search functionality cables
  • web: added possibility to search for ops
  • ui: changed default file list view to list
  • ui: changing file list view will be set after reload
  • ui: file view and timeline opened state will be set after reload
  • ui: new command: create new file
  • ui: it is now possible to edit files on the server (.json,.csv,.frag,.vert)
3 months ago

3 months ago

4 months ago

4 months ago

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7 months ago

8 months ago

  • new op: Ops.Gl.Screenshot - download the current screen as .png file by triggering
  • new op: Ops.Gl.QrCode – generates a QR-Code, example: <cables>
  • new op: Ops.Devices.Mobile.LockOrientation - force screen orientation
  • fix: ArrayBuffer3x - added reset button - does not start at 0,0,0, but on first value given
  • new command: reset renderer size
  • fix: animation renderer: speed + less problems when resizing canvas
  • fix: removed ipad “rubberbanding” when viewing patch in new window
  • fix: mousepicker compatibility with hires screens
  • fix: command: set renderer size can now set size bigger than browser window.
8 months ago

  • op: TextureEffects.ChromaticAberration - new parameters: smooth and masking
  • ui: Op Select - browse ops by namespace
  • fix: patch export now includes all (external) libraries
8 months ago

9 months ago

10 months ago

10 months ago

  • web: you can now personalize your profile: <cables>
10 months ago

a year ago

  • new op: Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.SSAO2 - new screen space ambient occlustion
  • new op: Ops.Gl.TesselateGeometry - create more triangles in a geometry/mesh
  • new op: Ops.String.SubString - subset of a string between one index and another
  • new op: Ops.String.StringLength - number of characters in a string
  • new op: Ops.String.StringTrim - remove whitespace from start and end of string
  • new op: Ops.String.Lowercase
  • Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.Color - finally has blendmodes
  • Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.Vignette - better controls + color
  • matcapMaterialNew experimental screenSpace normal calculation in shader
  • UI: dragging values of parameters is much slower now / shift accelerates
  • UI: dragging integer port values now only results in integers
  • UI: fixed loading of old patch version
  • core: grey defaultshader now works with shaderEffects/shaderModules
  • core: better switching between glsl version 1 and 3 / compatibility defined
  • tweaked names for many ops
  • web: changed font for better readability and get rid of typekit once and for all
  • web: examples page revamped
a year ago

a year ago

a year ago

  • new op: Ops.Gl.Phyllotaxis calculate phyllotaxis pattern coordinates
  • ui: animation render as modal window / new command “animation renderer” +progressbar
  • new op: Ops.Math.GaussianRandomArray - random numbers fitting a Gaussian, or normal, distribution
a year ago

a year ago

a year ago

  • New Op: Ops.Html.WindowHasFocus - detect if the browser window/tab has focus
  • ui: SubPatch navigation breadcrumb
  • UI: preview image: background toggle by click to see transparency
  • ui: fix: copy and paste subpatches
  • ui: fix export finished window overflow
  • ui: fix bug where previewer made everyting really slow
  • ui: escape: much faster and reactive op add/search
  • ui: more commands
a year ago

  • Ops.Devices.Mouse.MouseDrag - add option to not limit the value range
  • CMD: new command show changelog
  • UI: create project by choosing from predefined templates
  • UI: rework: bookmarks
  • UI: show changelog since last us
a year ago

  • ui button to report errors
  • ops display red dot when has an error
  • ui: code editor does not rescale patch
  • ui: file library/editor do not overlap sidebar
  • ui: usersettings dialog
  • ui: more commandpalette commands
  • ui: fix hover info area
  • ui: added a (customisable) sidebar – to customise hit cmd + shift + p, enter a command and tick the pin icon (edited)
  • ui: CMD+ENTER - toggle maximize renderer
  • ui: command palette shows all commands
  • ui: new command open patch website
a year ago

  • new ops: cubemapCamera, cubeMapFromTextures, cubeMapMaterial
  • fix Ops.Gl.Meshes.Sphere mesh glitches
a year ago

  • right click drag multiple links at once
  • rework: search (CMD+F)
  • rework: add op UI
  • UI: add op search much faster
  • UI: rendering op layout as images/svg
  • UI: op highlight animation after creating/search+click
  • UI: copy/paste visual feedback
  • UI: rework icons/cursor when dragging links
  • UI: op namespace colors everywhere
  • UI: better Project settings Tag-UI
  • UI: new feature: command palette (CMD+P)
  • UI: theme: high contrast mode
a year ago

  • feature: randomanim: pause between animations
  • new op: Ops.Gl.GridTransform - transform and arrange elements into a grid
  • fix: basicMaterial - fix bug, texture was showing correct only after reload
  • fix: svgTexture - fixed problem, project could not be saved
  • fix: webCamTexture - performance tweak / enabled/disabled switch (edited)
  • fix: Ops.Gl.Texture wasn’t setting filter correctly in some cases (edited)
  • published video tutorials at: youtube