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Creates a 3d mesh from a 2d area expressions

summary (oneliner)

A parametric surface is a surface in 3d space that is defined by a parametric equation of 2 parameters.

Simplified, it is a mapping from (u, v) -> (x, y, z).

With this op, you have the possibility to define your own parametric surfaces by specifying a function for each 3d component (x, y, z). These functions may include all mathematic operations javascript is capable of.

For a reference of mathematical functions availible, please refer to the Javascript Math object:

There are presets you can choose from, which are a good starting point if you are unfamiliar with the mathematics.

For further reading (if you're not scared of maths!), please refer to


to get an overview.

If you are just looking for formulas to put in, refer to

as a starting point (German only, but not too hard to figure out).



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related ops


shapes index (integer /Number)

render (Trigger)

Trigger input


u Segments (integer /Number)

number of segments on the U axis

v Segments (integer /Number)

number of segments on the V axis

U range

Multiple of PI - u (boolean /Number)

whether uMin & uMax should be multiplied with PI

uMin (Number)

boundary start U

uMax (Number)

boundary end U

Displace U (Number)

displace U range

V range

Multiple of PI - v (boolean /Number)

whether vMin & vMax should be multiplied with PI

vMin (Number)

boundary start V

vMax (Number)

boundary end V

Displace V (Number)

displace V range

XYZ Functions

X Function (String)

uv function for x coordinates, allowed values: u, v

Y Function (String)

uv function for y coordinates, allowed values: u, v

Z Function (String)

uv function for z coordinates, allowed values: u, v


Scale X (Number)

scale x coordinates by given amount

Scale Y (Number)

scale y coordinates by given amount

Scale Z (Number)

scale z coordinates by given amount


Draw (boolean /Number)

whether the shape should be drawn


trigger (Trigger)

trigger out

geometry (Object)

outputs the geometry of the surface

Position (Array)

outputs the vertices of the surface (as an xyz-Array)

Position Amount (Number)

outputs the length of the vertices array

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ParametricSurface example:



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2019-07-10 - simod

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