What is cables?

cables is an online tool which allows people to create interactive visual web content without having to type a line of code.
It's design and UI make it accessible to all users regardless of experience level.
After years of constant development cables has entered the public beta phase.
Our community grows every single day, and we now have over 25,000 registered users creating amazing things.
cables is free to use and always will be.

Who is using cables?

digital artists - cables allows creators to make art with technology and data
motion designers - with a fully developed timeline everything can be animated and controlled with ease
web developers - anything made with cables can be exported and added to a webpage in seconds
students - wanting to learn digital arts and interactive media


cables patches can be published, shared, copied and remixed by the entire community. This allows people to constantly learn new things from each other.
We hold regular meetups on our discord server - join us to ask questions, give insights on your projects and be creative together.

Some real world projects made with cables

  • convergence real time visualization of open data like tectonic activity, weather stations and twitter in LA.
  • Montblanc Meisterstück an interactive journey in the world of the little prince ?
  • Ableton loop Website Background
  • Echtzeitstudien an audio-visual installation visualising the cellular data trails generated by visitors.
  • Derweil an interactive video installation correlating time, space and big data to provide tailor-made instructions on how to get lost.



  • Hundreds of example patches which are available to every user.
  • Extensive up to date documentation covering everything ranging from using cables and how to create your own ops.
  • Our youtube channel has a huge amount of tutorials with a new video being released every week.


We're always looking for educational institutions who would like to use cables in the classroom.
Please send us an email if you'd like us to help you with getting started.
See this list of schools and universities already working with cables.

If you plan on teaching cables, you might be interested in this interview on how to use "cables in the classroom".

Who we are

Cables is being developed by undev – a Cologne based creative studio for interactive realtime graphics, data-visualizations and app development.
We are passionate coders and designers with a long history in making cutting edge creative applications.


We build cables on top of software that is made available by the open source community and contributions by our users.
Check our credits page to find out what cables is built on.
Read more about how to contribute to and support cables in this section of our FAQ.

Introduction Video


cables logo


cables editor screenshots


Photos from workshops and meetups