interactive visuals,
made from cable salad

Visual Programming with cables

Cables is a tool for creating beautiful interactive content.With an easy to navigate interface and real time visuals, it allows for rapid prototyping and fast adjustments.

You are provided with a set of operators, such as mathematical functions, shapes, materials and post processing effects.
Connect these to each other with virtual cables to create the experience you have in mind.
Easily export your piece of work at any time. Embed it into your website or use it for any kind of creative installation.

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Made with cables

Real world projects, realized using cables

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Mission statement

The undev team has worked continuously on cables for over 4 years and will continue to do so.
We want to create the best web based tool that allows users to create stunning interactive content without having to know how to code.We love to watch our ever growing community evolve into a healthy playground of creativity and talent.
Cables will always be free for everybody to use and anything you make with cables is yours.
We’ve now entered the public beta and would love it if you could spread the word.

Thanks for joining us.Let’s create something beautiful together.

Who we are

Cables is being developed by undev – a Berlin based creative studio for interactive realtime graphics, data-visualizations and app development.
We are passionate coders and designers with a long history in programming for the demoscene.

User Interface

Cables UI has been designed to allow you to express your creative ideas as quickly as possible.
It’s intuitive control system is easy to pick up and master.
After studying other node based software we created a workflow that works with you and not against you.


Ops can automatically connect to each other when added or removed. Connecting ops to each other is achieved in an instant.

Data Flow

Ops and connections are color coded, so that its easy to understand your patch.

Flow mode allows you to ‘see’ the flow of data between all operators in real time.


Moving around a patch and zooming in and out allows you to easily work on large projects.

Creating subpatches allows complexity to become more manageable.


Creating a new op is fast and easy with our advanced search system.

Finding them within a patch is even easier.


True web platform

Create, manage and wire projects in your browser.
Cables projects run on all modern browsers, mobile devices and desktop computers.

Works anywhere

All of your work and assets with cables can be opened on any computer that has browser support.Theres no need to install anything as it runs directly from the browser.

3D model support

We provide drag and drop loading of 3D models and animation data directly into cables.

Texture effects

A huge selection of texture effects will allow you to modify and enhance your visuals.Everything from DOF to glitch effects can be easily applied to visuals in just moments.

Material system

We have a large selection of materials which can be applied to 3D meshes ranging from matcap, IBL, Phong, Lambert and more.


Cables supports every MIDI feature available from MIDI clock, Notes, CC and NRPN.Connect your external hardware or DAW to cables in minutes.

Browser APIs

Easily use browser APIs like gamepad, midi, webcam, phone sensors.You can also use other devices' development tools such as kinect or leap motion.


Everything from using ops and how to code them is all covered inside of our ever growing online documentation.

Video tutorials

Our video tutorial series on how to learn cables covers everything you need to know in a short amount of time.


Creating your own custom shaders couldn't be easier.Write your own fragment and vertex shaders in minutes and apply them to materials or textures.


Cables WebVR works with platforms that support it and allows you to build VR experiencesfor mobile devices and headsets like the Oculus Rift.

Code editor

Create and code your own ops inside of cables with our built in editor.Op code is available and can be freely copied and modified to create your own custom ops..

screenshot: cables for Designers

Cables for Designers

Visual Programming without programming

With the cables module kit you can create cool stuff without writing any code. Our video tutorials will help you get started in no time!

Speed up coordination and feedback

With a graphical interface there is no need to bother the developer for every pixel you want to change. Play around with it, it's fun!

Easy collaboration

Share your work with the team, integrate comments and group operators for easy orientation, even in big projects.
screenshot: cables for Designers
screenshot: cables for developers

Cables for Developers

Easy embedding

Embed cables projects into your website without any server-side requirements.

Small footprint

Exporting your work will create a .zip file containing only the code of the operators you used!

Write your own operators

Clone existing operators and modify them to meet your very own ideas.

Video tutorials

cables has lots of video tutorials to get you started quickly

Visit our Youtube channel


cables is inspired by the excellent desktop tools tooll and vvvv.