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VizTexture Op


Namespace: Ops.Ui

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 3 Tests

Displays texture at input port

small preview of the texture put into the op, useful for debugging textureeffects without rendering to the canvas


Texture In (Object)
Show Info (boolean /Number)


Texture Out (Object)
Info (String)
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VizTexture Operator Example

VizTexture Operator lets you visualize textures directly in the editor to ease image compositing and provide quick and easy previews of multiple textures at the same time.

Open this example in the editor for more information!

Open Example In Editor

Youtube Video Tutorial

Patches using VizTexture


created op
2020-06-08 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.PreviewTexture renamed to Ops.Admin.PreviewTexture
2020-06-10 - pandur
Ops.Admin.PreviewTexture renamed to Ops.Dev.VizTexture
2021-05-24 - pandur
Ops.Dev.VizTexture renamed to Ops.Ui.VizTexture
2021-11-25 - pandur
bugfixnow also uses cubemaps alpha channel
2022-12-14 - pandur