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SetLocationHash Op

Namespace: Ops.Website

Op author: stephan

sets window.location.hash to the specified value(s)

allows to manipulate window.location.hash to store data in the url without reloading the page.

given a hash in the first parameter, the op will simply replace the whole part behind the # in the url with the given hash.


Hash (String)

new value for window.location.hash (without the #)

Update (Trigger)
Active (boolean /Number)


Silent (boolean /Number)

make event not trigger LocationHashRoute op

Allow Empty (boolean /Number)

allow for setting an empty hash, usually triggers a page reload

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LocationHash Example

how to use the browser location bar to navigate and create deeplinks

Youtube Video Tutorial

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created op
2021-03-30 - stephan
added lib: navigo.js
2021-03-30 - stephan
Ops.User.stephan.SetLocationHash renamed to Ops.Website.SetLocationHash
2021-03-30 - stephan