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Sidebar Op


Namespace: Ops.Sidebar

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 5 Tests

Sidebar overlay to control values


Visible (boolean /Number)

hide sidebar competely

Opacity (Number)

opacity when opened

Default Minimized (boolean /Number)

start with minimized sidebar

Minimized Opacity (Number)

opacity when minimized

Show undo button (boolean /Number)

show undo button on top of sidebar

Show Minimize (boolean /Number)
Title (String)

the title

Side (boolean /Number)

switch left/right side of screen


childs (Object)

attach sidebar ops here

Opfened (boolean Number)
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Patches using Sidebar


react properly to disconnecting parent
2022-02-03 - stephan
fixed typos in parameter names
2022-03-18 - stephan