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Generates 4 different waveform textures. Sine, sawtooth,Triangle, Square.

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render (Trigger)

Trigger in


Blend Mode (string Number)

Blend mode to apply

Amount (Number)

Amount of blend to apply

Waveform (string Number)

Sine, Squaretooth,Triangle, Square

Amplitude (Number)

Amplitude/Height of the wave

Frequency (Number)

Amount of repetitions on the screen

Line Width (Number)

Width of the line

Line Glow (Number)

Applies a glow/fade to the edge of the line

invert color (boolean Number)

Inverts color

Solid fill (boolean Number)

Fills one half of the waveform, enable invert color to flip it over

Offset X (Number)

Offset on the X axis

Offset Y (Number)

Offset on the Y axis

Rotate (Number)

Rotate the texture

r (Number)

Red color of the line

g (Number)

Green color of the line

b (Number)

Blue color of the line


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out

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