AmmoCharacter Op


Control and move a character in a physics environment

this OP allows you to create a capsule shaped collision body that will move around a 3D space of an Ammo World scene driven by user input commands.
This operator is designed to function in tandem with Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacterFpsCamera and Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoWorld.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Extension.AmmoPhysics.AmmoCharacter
  •  Extension Op - Visible to all users
  • MIT
AuthorMaintained by Team



Update (Trigger)
Radius (Number)

radius of the capsule collision mesh

View index (Number:integer )

1st person or 3rd person mode

Height (Number)

heigh of capsule collision mesh

Mass (Number)

weight of capsule

Name (String)

name of this capsule to be used for collision checking

Activate (Trigger)

wake up this object

Move X+ (Number:boolean )
Move X- (Number:boolean )
Move Y+ (Number:boolean )
Move Y- (Number:boolean )
Move Z+ (Number:boolean )
Move Z- (Number:boolean )
Dir X (Number)

X axis rotation value (from AmmoCharacterFpsCamera for example)

Dir Y (Number)

Y axis ratation value (from AmmoCharacterFpsCamera for example)

Dir Z (Number)

Z axis rotation value (from AmmoCharacterFpsCamera for example)


Set Pos X (Number)
Set Pos Y (Number)
Set Pos Z (Number)
Reset (Trigger)

reset location

Speed (Number)

speed at which this object will travel on user input booleans

Add Velocity Y (Number)

Y axis velocity impulse, for a jump


next (Trigger)
Position X (Number)

current X location of capsule

Position Y (Number)

current Y location of capsule

Position Z (Number)

current Z location of capsule

Transformed (Trigger)

resize meshes underneath to dimensions of this object

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created opuser avatarpandur - 2022-03-14 19:21
Ops.User.pandur.AmmoCharacter renamed to Ops.Dev.AmmoCharacteruser avatarpandur - 2022-03-14 19:39
Ops.Dev.AmmoCharacter renamed to Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacteruser avatarpandur - 2022-05-31 17:18
renameOps.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacter renamed to Ops.Extension.AmmoPhysics.AmmoCharacteruser avatarpandur - 2023-09-14 09:38