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SamplePlayer Op


Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: simod

Plays back one shot samples on trigger (useful for interaction sound)

Use this op to play sounds on trigger. Useful for notifications, drum machines and general havoc.


Audio Buffer (Object)

connect the output of an AudioBuffer op here

Play Sample (Trigger)

Trigger to play sample

Stop Playback (Trigger)

Time Controls

Offset (Number)

offset the start (in ms)

Buffer Size (integer /Number)


Playback Rate (Number)

playback speed of the sample, when set to 0 no sound is heard

Detune (Number)

detune in cents, 1200 is one octave


Audio Out (Object)

audio output

Is Playing (boolean Number)

indicates if a sample is currently playing or not

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created op
2021-01-11 - simod
Ops.User.cables.SamplePlayer renamed to Ops.Admin.SamplePlayer
2021-01-11 - simod
Ops.Admin.SamplePlayer renamed to Ops.WebAudio.SamplePlayer
2021-01-12 - cables
removed non-working start-time port
2022-05-16 - stephan