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Repeat2d Op

Namespace: Ops.Trigger

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 7 Tests

Triggers all ops underneath Num X * Num Y times

Imagine a Ops.Trigger.Repeat connected to a Ops.Trigger.Repeat, or a for loop inside a for loop. This loop is especially useful for drawing a matrix of objects.


exe (Trigger)

Executes the loop

num x (integer /Number)

Number of times executed on the X axis

num y (integer /Number)

Number of times executed on the Y axis

mul (Number)

Multiplies the X and Yvalues, makes it easier e.g. to use the outputs directly in a Ops.Gl.Matrix.Transform

center (boolean /Number)

Centers X and Y around the origin (0/0)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger for each iteration of the loop

x (Number)

The X value for the current iteration

y (Number)

The Y value for the current iteration

index (Number)

Current index. If you have a 5x5 repeater, this value goes from 0 to (including) 24

total iterations (Number)

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Repeat 2D

The repeat 2D op is like using two repeat ops in one.
Check the Repeat example for a simplified demonstration of this patch.

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