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Repeat Op


Namespace: Ops.Trigger

Op author: pandur

There is a newer version of this op!

This version will not receive any updates. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Current version: Ops.Trigger.Repeat_v2

Triggers all ops below x times (for loop / while)

summary (oneliner)

All ops connected to the Trigger port will be triggered Num times.



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related ops


exe (Trigger)

Executes the loop

num (integer /Number)

How often the loop should be executed


trigger (Trigger)


index (Number)

The index of the loop, starts at 0, goes until Num - 1

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The repeat op is like a traditional For loop.
It allows you to trigger all the ops underneath a certain amount of times.
Each new trigger has an index number associated with it which allows each repeat cycle to be controlled separately from each other.
In this example the index is used to change the X position of each cube.
This same number is then mapped to a 0-1 range to change the color of the cubes

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