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MpHandTracking Op



Get hand data from mediapipe library, use with MpHand

read more on the mediapipe project page:


Element (Object)
Min Confidence Detect (Number)
Min Confidence Tracking (Number)


Result (Object)
Found Hands (Number)
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MpHands - Example

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Patches using MpHandTracking


created op
2020-12-21 - pandur
added lib: hands.js
2020-12-21 - pandur
added lib: camera_utils.js
2020-12-21 - pandur
Ops.User.cables.MpHands renamed to Ops.Admin.Mediapipe.MpHands
2020-12-21 - pandur
Ops.Admin.Mediapipe.MpHands renamed to Ops.Libs.Mediapipe.MpHands
2021-01-19 - pandur
Ops.Libs.Mediapipe.MpHands renamed to Ops.Admin.Mediapipe.MpHands
2021-02-17 - stephan
Ops.Admin.Mediapipe.MpHands renamed to Ops.Dev.Mediapipe.MpHands
2021-06-17 - pandur
Ops.Dev.Mediapipe.MpHands renamed to Ops.Dev.Mediapipe.MpHandTracking
2021-12-23 - pandur
Ops.Dev.Mediapipe.MpHandTracking renamed to Ops.Libs.Mediapipe.MpHandTracking
2022-05-31 - stephan