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Namespace: Ops.Json
Request a json file and output an object (ajax, url, json)

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youtube id


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file (String)

JsonP (boolean /Number)

wether or not to load jsonp (to circumvent CORS)

headers (Object)

a key/value-object of additional headers to send

body (String)

an optional body to send (for POST/PATCH/PUT)

HTTP Method index (integer /Number)

the http method to use

HTTP Method (string /Number)

the http method to use

Content-Type (String)

the content type of the body sent (if any)

parse json (boolean /Number)

do we expect the response to be JSON, then parse the output

Auto request (boolean /Number)

trigger the request on any value change (or on pagereload)

reload (Trigger)

refresh data from remote (overrides an inactive "auto request")


data (Object)

the data

response (String)

the unparsed response of the request

Is Loading (Number)

currently loading

Loaded (Trigger)

triggers when finished

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Weather API:

Makes a request to the MetaWeather API and displays the current temperature.
We use a CORS-proxy here to overcome security-problems between HTTP and HTTPS.

To change the city run this in your browser:, change the last part (city) and copy the woeid from the response to `Location ID.



Ops.User.pandur.AjaxRequest2 renamed to Ops.Json.AjaxRequest_v2
2019-07-10 - pandur

Examples using AjaxRequest_v2

Public Patches using AjaxRequest_v2