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PseudoLensFlares Op


Op author: pandur

simulate lens flare effect

This is a post-processing effect to simulate lense flares.

Lense flares happen when stray light reflects on some elements of a lens.
This stray light can create light streaks, "sunbursts" or reduction in contrast and saturation.

You can simulate this effect with this op.


render (Trigger)

trigger input

Ghosts (Number)

intensity of rays from the middle

Num Ghosts (integer /Number)

amount of rays

Dispersal (Number)

amount of rays in the middle & smear intensity

Halo (Number)

intensity of surrounding halo ring

Halo Width (Number)

width of surrounding halo ring

Color Lookup (Object)

color mask for color of light rays


trigger (Trigger)

trigger output

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