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MeshInstancerFromTexture_v2 Op



Draw the same mesh multiple times on the GPU

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Geometry (Object)

Num Instances (integer /Number)

Position Texture (Object)

Rotation Texture (Object)

Scale Texture (Object)

Color Texture (Object)

Color Texture Blendmode index (integer /Number)

Scale (Number)

Global scale for all instances, disabled if scale array is used

Multiply Pos X (Number)

Multiply Pos Y (Number)

Multiply Pos Z (Number)


Trigger Out (Trigger)

Trigger Out

Num (Number)

Total number of instances/shapes

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Mesh Instancer from Texture

Use a texture to position geometry instances in your scene.

Using HDR textures will alow for precise control.

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created op
2019-11-14 - cables

Ops.User.cables.MeshInstancer_v3 renamed to Ops.Gl.MeshInstancer_v3
2019-11-14 - cables

Ops.Gl.MeshInstancer_v3 renamed to Ops.Gl.MeshInstancer_v4
2020-07-23 - pandur

added core lib: cgl_shadermodifier
2020-07-23 - pandur

cloned op from Ops.Gl.MeshInstancer_v4
2021-03-01 - pandur

Ops.User.pandur.MeshInstancerFromTexture renamed to Ops.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture
2021-03-01 - pandur

Ops.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture renamed to Ops.Dev.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture
2021-08-04 - pandur

cloned op from Ops.Dev.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture
2021-11-02 - pandur

Ops.User.pandur.MeshInstancerFromTexture2 renamed to Ops.Dev.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture_v2
2021-11-02 - pandur

Ops.Dev.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.Meshes.MeshInstancerFromTexture_v2
2022-02-07 - pandur

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