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CustomOp Op


Namespace: Ops.Cables

Op author: stephan

There is a newer version of this op!

This version will not receive any updates. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Current version: Ops.Cables.CustomOp_v2

code a custom op that will only be available in the current patch

summary (oneliner)

you can use any javascript code here, it will be bound to the
scope of the current op, which is available as op.

have a look at the documentation at:



example patch id

youtube id

caniuse query


related ops


JavaScript (String)

a valid javascript snippet

Library (String)

url to a library (can also be uploaded to cables) - be aware that you are completely on your own here, no support (keep CORS in mind, though)

name (Trigger)

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Patches using CustomOp


created op
2021-01-28 - stephan

Ops.User.stephan.CustomOp renamed to Ops.Cables.CustomOp
2021-01-28 - stephan