PointsCube Op


Generates a 3d point field with controllable amount of xyz points (was PointsField3d)

Generates a 3d point field. Use the xyz parameters to define how points are created.
All num parameters must have at least a setting of 1 for this op to work.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Array.PointArray.PointsCube
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT

Example Patch PointsField3d - example file

Link to the tutorial video : https://youtu.be/tVphEMCXDb4
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Youtube Video Tutorial


num x (Number:integer )

Amount of points generated on the X axis

num y (Number:integer )

Amount of points generated on the Y axis

num z (Number:integer )

Amount of points generated on the Z axis

mul (Number)

Default 1. Amount of space between each point

center (Number:boolean )

If true the origin is the center, otherwise its from the starting corner


Array out (Array)

The pointfield out. XYZ array

Total points (Number)

Total amount of xyz points

Array length (Number)

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fixed - now correctly creates a ointField when the op is createduser avatarandro - 2019-05-29 15:36
Ops.Points.PointsField3d renamed to Ops.Points.PointsCubeuser avatarpandur - 2019-09-05 10:28
renameOps.Points.PointsCube renamed to Ops.Array.PointArray.PointsCubeuser avatarpandur - 2023-12-06 10:18