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Waveshaper Op

Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: simod

add waveshaping (distortion, overdrive, fuzz) to an audio stream

The default transfer function for the waveshaper is taken from


audio in (Object)

audio input

Dry/Wet (Number)

dry wet control - 0 only dry, 1 only wet (distorted) signal

Waveshape Settings

Oversampling index (integer /Number)
Distortion Amount (integer /Number)

the amount of distortion (equals to the amount of sample points of the waveshaper's transfer function - more points = more distortion), inactive when waveshape array in is used

Waveshape Array In (Array)

array input for the waveshaper (custom distortion transfer function)

Output Gain (Number)


audio out (Object)

audio output

Curve Out (Array)

distortion curve array output (one-dimensional)

Curve Length (Number)

length of the curve array

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Example Waveshaper OP

Waveshaper can be used to distort your audio slightly or fry it to a crisp. Watch the audio levels though...

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created op
2021-04-19 - simod
Ops.User.simod.TestDistortion renamed to Ops.WebAudio.Waveshaper
2021-04-19 - simod
fix: use default values on creation
2022-02-07 - pandur