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WaveformMesh Op

Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: simod

Uses library: Webaudio Peaks (extract peaks from audio samples or a webaudio AudioBuffer)

Outputs the waveform of an audio file as a geometry


Render (Trigger)

Renders the waveform and triggers Next when done

Audio Buffer (Object)

Connect this to an Ops.WebAudio.AudioBuffer op, which loads and holds an audio sample

Render Options

Render Active (boolean /Number)

if true mesh is rendered

Show bottom half (boolean /Number)

When enabled the top half of the waveform will be mirrored, when disabled only the upper half is drawn

Center Origin (boolean /Number)

When enabled the waveform will be centered around the origin, e.g. useful when using OrbitControls and rotating around the origin. When disabled the waveform will start at the origin.

Waveform Settings

Width (Number)

The width of the waveform

Samples Per Pixel (integer /Number)

Controls how detailled the waveform is, the smaller the value the more detail and the wider the output.

Mesh Options

Calculate Tex Coords (boolean /Number)

check to calculate texture coordinates


Next (Trigger)

Called after Render was called, triggers the next op

Geometry (Object)

The geometry of the waveform, can be drawn e.g. with RenderGeometry

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cloned op from Ops.WebAudio.Waveform
2020-12-07 - cables
Ops.User.cables.WaveformMesh renamed to Ops.WebAudio.WaveformMesh
2020-12-07 - cables