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MusicalScales Op


Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: simod

Outputs a musical scale array (major, minor, ...) as strings, steps and midi notes


Root Note index (integer /Number)

root note of the scale

Scale Settings

Root Note (string /Number)

root note of the scale

Scale Type index (integer /Number)

the scale to use

Scale Settings

Scale Type (string /Number)

the scale to use

Include Upper Root Note (boolean /Number)

if true includes the root note in a higher octave

Octave (integer /Number)

the octave of the scale (only for string & midi note outputs)

Append Octave To Names (boolean /Number)

if true, octave number is appended to output strings


Note Names Array (Array)

notes as an array of strings

Note Step Number Array (Array)

steps of the scale

Midi Note Array (Array)

midi note numbers of the scale

Current Scale (String)
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MusicalScales example

Example for the MusicalNotes op

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Patches using MusicalScales


cloned op from Ops.WebAudio.Scale.ScaleArray
2021-02-08 - simod
Ops.User.simod.ScaleArray_v2 renamed to Ops.WebAudio.ScaleArray_v2
2021-02-08 - simod
Ops.WebAudio.ScaleArray_v2 renamed to Ops.WebAudio.MusicalScales
2021-02-10 - cables