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Mixer Op


Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: simod

Mix audio signals together

summary (oneliner)

Connector-op, which makes it possible to combine multiple audio signals into one and change their volume.



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Audio Inputs

Audio In 0 (Object)

audio 0 input

Audio In 1 (Object)

audio 1 input

Audio In 2 (Object)

audio 2 input

Audio In 3 (Object)

audio 3 input

Audio In 4 (Object)

audio 4 input

Audio In 5 (Object)

audio 5 input

Audio In 6 (Object)

audio 6 input

Audio In 7 (Object)

audio 7 input


In 0 Gain (Number)

audio 0 input volume

In 1 Gain (Number)

audio 1 input volume

In 2 Gain (Number)

audio 2 input volume

In 3 Gain (Number)

audio 3 input volume

In 4 Gain (Number)

audio 4 input volume

In 5 Gain (Number)

audio 5 input volume

In 6 Gain (Number)

audio 6 input volume

In 7 Gain (Number)

audio 7 input volume


In 0 Pan (Number)

audio 0 input pan

In 1 Pan (Number)

audio 1 input pan

In 2 Pan (Number)

audio 2 input pan

In 3 Pan (Number)

audio 3 input pan

In 4 Pan (Number)

audio 4 input pan

In 5 Pan (Number)

audio 5 input pan

In 6 Pan (Number)

audio 6 input pan

In 7 Pan (Number)

audio 7 input pan


Output Gain (Number)

output volume


Audio Out (Object)

audio output

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Mixer example

Example patch for the Mixer op.

Open Example In Editor

Patches using Mixer


cloned op from Ops.WebAudio.MultiIn
2020-11-17 - cables

Ops.User.cables.Mixer2 renamed to Ops.WebAudio.Mixer
2020-11-17 - cables