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MicrophoneIn_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: simod

Access to the microphone and/or audio input devices

Needs a user interaction to be enabled, check the example file


Start (Trigger)

Trigger in to activate microphone

Audio Input index (integer /Number)
Audio Input (string /Number)

list of audio input devices

Volume Settings

Volume (Number)

volume of the microphone

Mute (boolean /Number)

check to mute the microphone


Audio Out (Object)

audio signal

Listening (boolean Number)

Is true when microphone is on & capturing input

List of Input Devices (Array)

string array of all availible audio input devices

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MicrophoneIn example

Example patch for MicrophoneIn op

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cloned op from Ops.WebAudio.MicrophoneIn
2020-11-25 - cables
Ops.User.cables.MicrophoneIn_v2 renamed to Ops.WebAudio.MicrophoneIn_v2
2020-11-25 - cables