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Gain Op


Namespace: Ops.WebAudio

Op author: pandur

Changes the gain / volume

summary (oneliner)

The Gain-op can be used to make an audio signal more silent.

The GainNode interface represents a change in volume. It is an AudioNode audio-processing module that causes a given gain to be applied to the input data before its propagation to the output. A GainNode always has exactly one input and one output, both with the same number of channels.



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audio in (Object)

The audio signal you want to make more silent / louder

gain (Number)

Amount of gain to apply, 0 = not audible, 1 = output will be as loud as the input signal, everything bigger than 1 will make the audio signal louder.

Mute (boolean /Number)

check to mute the signal


audio out (Object)

Audio output which contains the the input signal with the gain applied, can be connected to the Ops.WebAudio.Output op e.g.

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