AudioRecorder Op


record, playback and download audio

This op let's you record any webaudio stream in your patch.

How to use:

  1. Connect audio to the input
  2. Click/Trigger "Start Recording"
  3. Record as long as you want
  4. Click/Trigger "Stop Recording"
  5. The recorded audio will be processed
  6. To playback the recorded loop, connect the "Recorded Out" output and click "Start Playback"
  7. To download, click "Download .wav file"
  8. To stop playback, click "Stop Playback"
  9. If you want to delete what you recorded, press "Clear Buffer"

The AudioRecorder has 5 states:

"idling" - there is nothing in the recording buffer, nothing is playing back
"recording" - the recorder is currently recording
"processing" - the recorder is currently processing the recorded audio
"ready" - the recorder is ready to play back/download
"playing" - the recorder is currently playing back the recorded audio

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Full Name
  • Ops.WebAudio.AudioRecorder
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT
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Example Patch AudioRecorder example

AudioRecorder OP allows you to record an audio source and download the audio as a file.

In this example an mp3 file is the sound source of the AudioRecorder OP.

Trigger Playback of the sound source by pressing the Play button in the middle of the patch screen, then press Start Recording in the Sidebar.
After stopping the recording and the source audio, you can preview your recorded audio buffer loop by pressing start and stop playback.

In this example the sound source is panned to the left and recorded audio will be on the right.

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Audio In (Object:audioNode)

audio input


Start Recording (Trigger)

click/trigger to start recording

Stop Recording (Trigger)

click/trigger to stop recording

Input Gain (Number)

volume of incoming audio


Start Playback (Trigger)

click/trigger to start playback

Stop Playback (Trigger)

click/trigger to stop playback

Clear Buffer (Trigger)

click/trigger to clear buffer (revert to "idling" state)

Playback Gain (Number)

volume of recorded audio playback

Loop Playback (Number:boolean )

check to loop the playback of the recorded audio

Download .wav File (Trigger)

click/trigger to download the recorded file


Audio Out (Object)

audio output, pass through for incoming signal

Recorded Audio Out (Object)

output of the recorded audio

Is Recording (boolean Number)

true if currently recording

Is Playing Back (boolean Number)

true if currently playing back

State (String)

one of 5 states: "idling", "recording", "processing", "ready", "playing"

AudioBuffer Out (Object)

audiobuffer output

Data URL (String)

Patches using AudioRecorder

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