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AudioBufferChannelRouter Op


Route audio from one input channel to any output channel

Routes audio input channels to different output channels by modifying the audiobuffer accordingly.

Uses copyToChannel to copy/move data from one channel to another.

Output channel number can be an offset. This will, for example, move both stereo channels to output channel 3 and 4 if set to 2.

Channel numbers are zero-based, ususal order is L, R, SL, SR, C, LFE, ... check your soundcard settings to see how hardware-outputs are mapped to channels.

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Full Name
  • Ops.WebAudio.AudioBufferChannelRouter
  • Core Op - Official cables op
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Example for AudioBufferChannelRouter

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Audio Buffer (Object:audioBuffer)
Channel In (Number:integer )

zero-based input chanel to route

Channel Out (Number:integer )

zero-based target output channel


Clear Others (Number:boolean )

fill all other channels with empty data/silence

Channel Offset (Number:boolean )

offset input signal by x channels and keep all input channels


Audio Buffer Out (Object)
Output Channels (Number)

maximum number of output channels supported by the soundcard

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created opuser avatarstephan - 2023-12-15