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TriggerDistributeByValue Op

Namespace: Ops.Trigger

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 1 Test

triggers evenly distributed by value

like maprange for triggering

for example:
max: 1, num outputs:3. will trigger 0 when value is <0.33, will trigger 1 when value is between 0.33 and 0.66 ...


exe (Trigger)
number (Number)
max (Number)

whats the maximum value that goes into number

num outputs (Number)

number of output triggers to be triggered


num (Number)
trigger 0 (Trigger)
trigger 1 (Trigger)
trigger 2 (Trigger)
trigger 3 (Trigger)
trigger 4 (Trigger)
trigger 5 (Trigger)
trigger 6 (Trigger)
trigger 7 (Trigger)
trigger 8 (Trigger)
trigger 9 (Trigger)
trigger 10 (Trigger)
trigger 11 (Trigger)
trigger 12 (Trigger)
trigger 13 (Trigger)
trigger 14 (Trigger)
trigger 15 (Trigger)
trigger 16 (Trigger)
trigger 17 (Trigger)
trigger 18 (Trigger)
trigger 19 (Trigger)

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