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TimedSequence Op


Namespace: Ops.Trigger

Op author: pandur

timed switching of trigger


exe (Trigger)
current (integer /Number)
overwriteTime (boolean /Number)
ignoreInSubPatch (boolean /Number)


triggerAlways (Trigger)
Names (Array)
currentKeyTime (Number)
Current (Number)
trigger 0 (Trigger)
trigger 1 (Trigger)
trigger 2 (Trigger)
trigger 3 (Trigger)
trigger 4 (Trigger)
trigger 5 (Trigger)
trigger 6 (Trigger)
trigger 7 (Trigger)
trigger 8 (Trigger)
trigger 9 (Trigger)
trigger 10 (Trigger)
trigger 11 (Trigger)
trigger 12 (Trigger)
trigger 13 (Trigger)
trigger 14 (Trigger)
trigger 15 (Trigger)
trigger 16 (Trigger)
trigger 17 (Trigger)
trigger 18 (Trigger)
trigger 19 (Trigger)
trigger 20 (Trigger)
trigger 21 (Trigger)
trigger 22 (Trigger)
trigger 23 (Trigger)
trigger 24 (Trigger)
trigger 25 (Trigger)
trigger 26 (Trigger)
trigger 27 (Trigger)
trigger 28 (Trigger)
trigger 29 (Trigger)
trigger 30 (Trigger)
trigger 31 (Trigger)
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timed sequence

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