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TimeLinePlayer Op

Namespace: Ops.TimeLine

Op author: andro

Player controls for the timeline

This op allows complete control over the timeline and gives information such as current position.
Frame number out is based upon 30 FPS.
Use this with the Ops.WebAudio.MediaPlayer op for accurate audio playback of a track.


Play (Trigger)

Trigger to start timeline

Pause (Trigger)

Trigger to pause timeline - pressing play again resumes from this point

rewind (Trigger)

Rewind to 0

Set current time (Number)

Set current time - press play to jump to this number


play trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out when play has been triggered

pause trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out when pause has been triggered

rewind trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out when rewind has been triggered

is Playing (boolean Number)

Is true when timeline is playing else false

set time (seconds) (Number)

number that time was set to

current time (Number)

Current time in seconds1

current frame (Number)

Current time in frames (30fps)

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created op
2019-08-20 - andro