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Plays back audio files

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Plays an audio-file and allows you to seek / jump to a position. Audio files can be uploaded via drag’n’dropping to the cables-window. When upload is complete you can select it in the project-file-browser. Should also work with audio-files which are hosted somewhere else (untested).



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Volume (Number)

Playback-Volume, 1.0 = normal, 0.0 = silent

File (string Number)

The audio-file to play back, upload one by drag’n’dropping it to the window and then select if from the project-files or pick one from the library.

Play (Function)

Starts the audio-playback

Pause (Function)

Stops the audio-playback

Rewind (Function)

Sets the playhead to the beginning

Seek Position (Seconds) (Number)

Set this to the position in the audio file you want to jump to (in seconds). You need to call Jump To Seek Position to actually perform the jump afterwards.

Jump To Seek Position (Function)

Jumps / Seeks to the position Seek Position (Seconds)


Audio Out (Object)

Connect this e.g. to a Ops.WebAudio.Output to hear the sound

Duration (Number)

The duration of the current audio file (in seconds)

MediaPlayer Play Pause Seek:

Shows how to play / pause / seek an audio file


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)
  • Op author: tim

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