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ArraySpray Op

Namespace: Ops.Systems

Op author: pandur

Particle Spray simulation

Creates a kind of spray like effect which outputs 2 arrays for position and scale.


exe (Trigger)

Trigger in

time (Number)

Timer to animate the cubes movement

num (Number)

Array length/amount of particles

Size X (Number)

Size of the particle on the x axis

Size Y (Number)

Size of the particle on the y axis

Size Z (Number)

Size of the particle on the z axis

movement x (Number)

The direction to move the spray in on the x axis

movement y (Number)

The direction to move the spray in on the y axis

movement z (Number)

The direction to move the spray in on the z axis

Center X (boolean /Number)
Center Y (boolean /Number)
Center Z (boolean /Number)
Reset (Trigger)

Reset state

lifetime (Number)

Amount of time before a particle dies out and is reborn

Lifetime Minimum (Number)

Minimum lifetime of particle


Trigger Out (Trigger)

Trigger out

Positions (Array)

Positional array out

Lifetime (Array)

LifeTime array out

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created op
2019-09-25 - pandur
Ops.Admin.ArraySpray renamed to Ops.Gl.ArraySpray
2019-10-14 - pandur
Ops.Gl.ArraySpray renamed to Ops.Systens.ArraySpray
2019-10-15 - pandur
Ops.Systens.ArraySpray renamed to Ops.Systems.ArraySpray
2019-10-15 - pandur
Added output trigger
2019-10-22 - simod
fix bug with centering axis parameters
2022-02-08 - pandur