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StringReplace Op

Namespace: Ops.String

Op author: pandur

replace occurrences of a string with another string

This operator uses the JavaScript function replace() with a regex syntax. Usually you can simply type an alpha numeric string, but if you want to get fancy or need to replace a character such as a period, you will need to format your string replace according to the Regular Expression syntax ( ).

For example, replacing a period with a blank space would require you to seek "." and replace with a " "


String (String)

incoming string

Search For (String)

find a string or character

Replace (String)

replace with this string

Replace What index (integer /Number)

ALL(0) or First(1) occurrence


Result (String)

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Example StringReplace

Search for and replace a string with another string.

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created op
2021-05-05 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.StringReplace renamed to Ops.String.StringReplace
2021-05-05 - pandur