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ConcatMulti_v2 Op

Related ops:Ops.String.Concat_v2  
Namespace: Ops.String

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 2 Tests

Joins multiple strings together

Joins/merges multiple strings together.
Spaces and line breaks can be added to the end of each string.


string 0 (String)

String 0 in

string 1 (String)

String 1 in

string 2 (String)

String 2 in

string 3 (String)

String 3 in

string 4 (String)

String 4 in

string 5 (String)

String 5 in

string 6 (String)

String 6 in

string 7 (String)

String 7 in


concat string (String)

Merged strings out

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ConcatMulti example

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created op
2019-06-20 - andro
cloned op from Ops.String.ConcatMulti
2022-05-19 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.ConcatMulti_v2 renamed to Ops.String.ConcatMulti_v2
2022-05-19 - pandur