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RandomNumbers_v3 Op

Namespace: Ops.Math

Op author: pandur

Simple way to get random numbers without using arrays

Outputs four generated numbers of a selected seed within the range set by "Min" and "Max" values.


Seed (Number)
Min (Number)
Max (Number)


X (Number)
Y (Number)
Z (Number)
W (Number)

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Example RandomNumbers OP

RandomNumbers let's you generate 4 numbers quickly in a defined range and seed number.

Youtube Video Tutorial

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created op
2021-03-18 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.randomNumbersBySeed renamed to Ops.Math.RandomNumbersBySeed
2021-03-18 - pandur
Ops.Math.RandomNumbersBySeed renamed to Ops.Math.RandomNumbers_v4
2021-07-13 - stephan
Ops.Math.RandomNumbers_v4 renamed to Ops.Math.RandomNumbers_v3
2021-08-06 - pandur