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MercatorCoordsArray Op

Namespace: Ops.Math

Op author: pandur

Mercator map and center an array of latitudes and longitudes to a local coordinate system

The globe is unrolled into a flat plane.
If you would be looking at country like Germany then a map width of 100 would suffice due to the large size.
Looking at a city like Berlin which is much smaller would require a map width of 1800 to make it visible on the screen.


LatLon Array (Array)

An array of latitude and longitude points

MapWidth (Number)

width of the map

Center Lat (Number)

Center latitude, use infoArray2 to get this information. Check example file

Center Lon (Number)

Center longitude, use infoArray2 to get this information. Check example file


Result (Array)

Array2 out. Use Array2to3 to add zeroes on the z component. See example file

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mercatorCoordsArray example

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created op
2019-10-14 - pandur