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MultiDrawImage Op



Op author: pandur

draw multiple images at once

summary (oneliner)

this saves some time instead of having many drawimages, especially on hires displays



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render (Trigger)

Mask Invert (boolean /Number)

Image 1

Texture 1 (Object)

Blendmode 1 index (integer /Number)

Mask 1 (Object)

Mask Source 1 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 1 index (integer /Number)

Amount 1 (Number)

Image 2

Texture 2 (Object)

Blendmode 2 index (integer /Number)

Mask 2 (Object)

Mask Source 2 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 2 index (integer /Number)

Amount 2 (Number)

Image 3

Texture 3 (Object)

Blendmode 3 index (integer /Number)

Mask 3 (Object)

Mask Source 3 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 3 index (integer /Number)

Amount 3 (Number)

Image 4

Texture 4 (Object)

Blendmode 4 index (integer /Number)

Mask 4 (Object)

Mask Source 4 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 4 index (integer /Number)

Amount 4 (Number)

Image 5

Texture 5 (Object)

Blendmode 5 index (integer /Number)

Mask 5 (Object)

Mask Source 5 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 5 index (integer /Number)

Amount 5 (Number)

Image 6

Texture 6 (Object)

Blendmode 6 index (integer /Number)

Mask 6 (Object)

Mask Source 6 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 6 index (integer /Number)

Amount 6 (Number)

Image 7

Texture 7 (Object)

Blendmode 7 index (integer /Number)

Mask 7 (Object)

Mask Source 7 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 7 index (integer /Number)

Amount 7 (Number)

Image 8

Texture 8 (Object)

Blendmode 8 index (integer /Number)

Mask 8 (Object)

Mask Source 8 index (integer /Number)

Opacity 8 index (integer /Number)

Amount 8 (Number)


trigger (Trigger)

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Example MultiDrawImage

like using many Draw Image OPs but in a single convenient OP - allowing easier comping of your layers.

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Patches using MultiDrawImage


cloned op from Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.Invert
2021-05-05 - pandur

Ops.User.pandur.MultiDrawImage renamed to Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.MultiDrawImage
2021-05-06 - pandur