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Current version: Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.DrawImage_v2

Draws an image into a composition

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render (Trigger)

Trigger the rendering


amount (Number)

Amount/Percentage of blending the Image on to the current state of the compose

blendMode (string / Number)

image (Object)

The image to be drawn

imageAlpha (Object)

alphaSrc (string / Number)

removeAlphaSrc (boolean / Number)

invert alpha channel (boolean / Number)

invert the alpha channel

flip x (boolean / Number)

Flip image on the X axis

flip y (boolean / Number)

Flip image on the Y axis

scale (Number)

Scale the image

pos x (Number)

pos y (Number)

rotate (Number)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger the rendering of the next image effect.

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combining textures:

example showing how to combine multiple textures to a new one

video tutorial:


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