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op id:8248b866-9492-48c8-897d-3097c6fe6fe8
Draws an image into a composition

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render (Function)

Trigger the rendering


amount (Number)

Amount/Percentage of blending the Image on to the current state of the compose

blendMode (string Number)

image (Object)

The image to be drawn

imageAlpha (Object)

alphaSrc (string Number)

removeAlphaSrc (boolean Number)

invert alpha channel (boolean Number)

invert the alpha channel

flip x (boolean Number)

Flip image on the X axis

flip y (boolean Number)

Flip image on the Y axis

scale (Number)

Scale the image

pos x (Number)

pos y (Number)

rotate (Number)


trigger (Function)

Trigger the rendering of the next image effect.

combining textures:

example showing how to combine multiple textures to a new one

video tutorial:


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