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DepthTextureFocus_v2 Op


Op author: simod

Test Patches: 1 Test

draws a gradient from white to black back to white over distance of the scene

To get results that align to the scene, make sure you use your scene's camera near- and farplane.


render (Trigger)

trigger input

Depth Texture (Object)

depth texture input

Focus Settings

Focus (Number)

focus distance (in world space)

Width (Number)

width of the focus (in world space)

Invert (boolean /Number)

invert the focus


nearplane (Number)

near plane of the focus frustum

farplane (Number)

far plane of the focus frustum


trigger (Trigger)

trigger output

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DepthTextureFocus_v2 example

Example patch for DepthTextureFocus.

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created op
2020-11-04 - simod
Ops.User.simod.DepthTextureFocus_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.DepthTextureFocus_v2
2020-11-04 - simod