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FresnelGlow Op


Op author: simod

Test Patches: 1 Test

add fresnel glow to any material

Use this op to add a shimmering glow around the edges of a geometry.

The 3 parameters "Intensity", "Width" and "Exponent" need to be tuned in relation to each other to achieve the best results.


Trigger In (Trigger)

trigger input

Active (boolean /Number)

activate or disactivate fresnel effect


R (Number)

R channel of fresnel color

G (Number)

G channel of fresnel color

B (Number)

B channel of fresnel color

Fresnel Settings

Fresnel Intensity (Number)

intensity of the effect

Fresnel Exponent (Number)

falloff of the effect


Trigger Out (Trigger)

trigger output

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FresnelGlow example

Example patch for the FresnelGlow op.

Patches using FresnelGlow

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created op
2020-06-11 - cables
added core lib: cgl_shadermodifier
2020-06-11 - cables
Ops.User.cables.FresnelGlow renamed to Ops.Gl.ShaderEffects.FresnelGlow
2020-06-11 - cables