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AreaTranslateMeshes Op



Op author: pandur

There is a newer version of this op!

This version will not receive any updates. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Current version: Ops.Gl.ShaderEffects.AreaTranslateMeshes_v3

Change the position of all meshes inside of the area of influence

summary (oneliner)

Offset the position of all meshes within the spherical area of influence



example patch id

youtube id

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render (Trigger)

Trigger the op

Size (Number)

Size of area to influence meshes with

Strength (Number)

Strength of effect

Smooth (boolean /Number)

Reduces the strength factor when further from the center of the area

Area Position

x (Number)

X position of the area

y (Number)

Y position of the area

z (Number)

Z position of the area

Multiply x (Number)

Multiply y (Number)

Multiply z (Number)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out

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Area Translate Meshes op example

Change the position of all meshes inside of the area of influence

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Ops.User.pandur.AreaTranslateObjects renamed to Ops.Gl.ShaderEffects.AreaTranslateMeshes
2019-12-03 - pandur