PointCloudFromTexture Op


Visualize a RGB texture as XYZ coordinates as points

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Full Name
  • Ops.Gl.Meshes.PointCloudFromTexture
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT
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Example Patch GeometryToTexture and PointCloudFromTexture

How to convert geometry into a usable Geometry Texture and then feed it into a PointCloudFromTexture operator.

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render (Trigger)
Num Points (Number:integer )

set a limit to the number of points that will be rendered - "0" is no limit

Axis index (Number:integer ) XYZ  XY 

XYZ or XY (2d) cloud mode

Texture (Object:texture)

RGB texture input where each pixels color value assigns a points position in 3D space

Point Size (Object:texture)

mono color texture input to change each points size

Normalize (Number:boolean )

center the pointcloud

Remove Point at 0 (Number:boolean )
Ignore Alpha 0 (Number:boolean )


Trigger (Trigger)
Total Points (Number)

Patches using PointCloudFromTexture

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created opuser avatarpandur - 2020-10-07 23:12
Ops.User.pandur.Ops.Gl.ShaderEffects.VertexPositionFromTexture_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.ShaderEffects.VertexPositionFromTexture_v2user avatarpandur - 2020-10-10 22:18
added core lib: cgl_shadermodifieruser avatarpandur - 2021-01-06 18:56
cloned op from Ops.Gl.ShaderEffects.VertexPositionFromTexture_v2user avatarpandur - 2021-02-28 00:19
Ops.User.pandur.PointCloudFromTexture renamed to Ops.Gl.Meshes.PointCloudFromTextureuser avatarpandur - 2021-02-28 07:45
Ops.Gl.Meshes.PointCloudFromTexture renamed to Ops.Dev.Gl.Meshes.PointCloudFromTextureuser avatarpandur - 2021-08-05 10:56
Ops.Dev.Gl.Meshes.PointCloudFromTexture renamed to Ops.Gl.Meshes.PointCloudFromTextureuser avatarpandur - 2022-02-07 11:14
bugfixfixed positioning problems when using the current pointmaterial for pointCloudFromTexture and with other operatorsuser avatarpandur - 2024-03-15 16:58