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GeometryToTexture_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl.Meshes

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 2 Tests

Convert vertices of a geometry to a data texture

Once triggered this operator converts a given geometry to an HDR texture where every pixel contains XYZ position data of the given geometry, represented with RGB values.


Render (Trigger)
Geometry (Object)
Continously Update (boolean /Number)
Order index (integer /Number)
Content index (integer /Number)

Texture settings

Size index (integer /Number)
Tex Width (integer /Number)
filter index (integer /Number)
wrap index (integer /Number)
Color Texture (Object)


Next (Trigger)
Total Vertices (Number)
Texture (Object)

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GeometryToTexture and PointCloudFromTexture

How to convert geometry into a usable Geometry Texture and then feed it into a PointCloudFromTexture operator.

Youtube Video Tutorial

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created op
2022-09-15 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.Geom2Tex2 renamed to Ops.Dve.Geom2Tex2TEST
2022-09-15 - pandur
Ops.Dve.Geom2Tex2TEST renamed to Ops.Dev.Geom2Tex2TEST
2022-09-15 - pandur
Ops.Dev.Geom2Tex2TEST renamed to Ops.Gl.Meshes.GeometryToTexture_v2
2022-09-16 - pandur
added core lib: cgl_shadermodifier
2022-09-23 - pandur