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FullscreenRectangle_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl.Meshes

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 3 Tests

Draws a rectangle using the full WebGL canvas size


render (Trigger)

Draw the Rectangle

Scale index (integer /Number)
Flip Y (boolean /Number)
Flip X (boolean /Number)
Texture (Object)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger the next op to execute

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Fullscreenrect Example

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option to keep correct aspect ratio and make it fit into canvas area (letterbox)
2022-01-31 - pandur
cloned op from Ops.Gl.Meshes.FullscreenRectangle
2023-06-23 - pandur
renameOps.Patch.P4SCBDz.FullscreenRectangle_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.Meshes.FullscreenRectangle_v2
2023-06-23 - pandur