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FreeFormPlane Op


Namespace: Ops.Gl.Meshes

Op author: pandur

A freely deformable plane, rectangle, polygon

summary (oneliner)

A simple plane (composed of two triangles), where each vertex can be repositioned individually in all three axis (XYZ).

To deform the texture coordinates, use the Tc values (Tc XY).

You can also turn on Show Transforms and Helpers in the Canvas renderer in the editor to easily adjust the corners of your plane with handle gizmos.



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render (Trigger)

x 1 (Number)

y 1 (Number)

z 1 (Number)

x 2 (Number)

y 2 (Number)

z 2 (Number)

x 3 (Number)

y 3 (Number)

z 3 (Number)

x 4 (Number)

y 4 (Number)

z 4 (Number)

tc x 1 (Number)

tc y 1 (Number)

tc x 2 (Number)

tc y 2 (Number)

tc x 3 (Number)

tc y 3 (Number)

tc x 4 (Number)

tc y 4 (Number)


trigger (Trigger)

geometry (Object)

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