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MeshMorph Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 1 Test

morph from one geometry to another


render (Trigger)
Method index (integer /Number)
Geometry (integer /Number)
Duration (Number)
Index (Number)
Index 2 (Number)
Fade (Number)
Easing index (integer /Number)
Geometry 0 (Object)
Geometry 1 (Object)
Geometry 2 (Object)
Geometry 3 (Object)
Geometry 4 (Object)
Geometry 5 (Object)
Geometry 6 (Object)
Geometry 7 (Object)
Geometry 8 (Object)
Geometry 9 (Object)
Geometry 10 (Object)
Geometry 11 (Object)
Geometry 12 (Object)
Geometry 13 (Object)
Geometry 14 (Object)
Geometry 15 (Object)


Finished (Number)
trigger (Trigger)

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meshmorph example

A GLTF scene with multiple meshes is used to populate MeshMorph op that then smoothly transforms the vertices

model used:
"Head Expressions" ( by Phil McClenaghan is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

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Geometry parameter being below 0 or above 7 no longer throws an error
2019-02-06 - andro
code cleanup - ports and whitespace
2019-05-28 - andro
added missing corelib
2022-07-19 - stephan