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Namespace: Ops.Gl.Matrix

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Current version: Ops.Gl.Matrix.ScreenPosTo3d_v3

convert screen coordinates to 3d coordinates

summary (oneliner)

Useful when you want to do things like convert the mouse co-ordinates on screen to 3d co-ordinates.



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Exec (Trigger)

Trigger in

X (Number)

Screen position X axis

Y (Number)

Screen position Y axis


Trigger out (Trigger)

Result X (Number)

X axis position in 3d space

Result Y (Number)

Y axis position in 3d space

Result Z (Number)

Z axis position in 3d space

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Mouse Draw Spline Example:

Using the ScreenPosTo3d op we can convert the mouse coordinates to 3D coordinates. For this you need to disable the Flip Y port of the Mouse op.
Using the ArrayPushValue3X op we add the (converted) x and z coordinates (together with z=0) to the array and draw it with the SimpleSpline op.



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2019-02-12 - pandur

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