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Collections: cameras  
Namespace: Ops.Gl.Matrix
rotate your object by clicking and dragging the mouse

summary (oneliner)

Adds mouse-interactivity to your patch. After you added the OrbitControls-op you can rotate the viewport my dragging with the mouse and zoom in / out using the mouse wheel.



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related ops


render (Trigger)

Executes the op


min distance (Number)

Minimum distance to scroll in, once you hit that distance scrolling in has no effect

max distance (Number)

min rot y (Number)

max rot y (Number)

Initial Values

initial radius (Number)

initial axis y (Number)

The starting point from where to look at the scene in the y-axis

initial axis x (Number)

The starting point from where to look at the scene in the x-axis


mul (Number)

Smoothness (Number)

Speed X (Number)

Speed Y (Number)

Active (boolean / Number)

Allow Panning (boolean / Number)

Allow Zooming (boolean / Number)

Allow Rotation (boolean / Number)

restricted (boolean / Number)

Pointerlock (boolean / Number)

hides cursor and allows mouse to move further than the window boundaries

Reset (Trigger)


trigger (Trigger)

Triggers the next op

radius (Number)

Rot X (Number)

Rot Y (Number)

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Orbit controls:

Use orbit controls to easily navigate and interact with the 3d scene.

  • move the mouse while pressing the left button to rotate
  • move the mouse while pressing the right button to move
  • scroll / use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out

video tutorial:



code cleanup - ports
2019-05-28 - andro

reset now also resets position from panning
2019-07-10 - pandur

Examples using OrbitControls

Public Patches using OrbitControls