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get camera attributes from current camera/orbit controls

Utility op to get camera attributes.

It is important that you set the camera type that you are using.

Usually it is a perspective camera, but if you're explicitly using a orthographic/orthogonal camera, switch the mode to "Orthographic".


render (Trigger)

Trigger input

Camera Type index (integer /Number)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger outpu

X (Number)

x position of camera

Y (Number)

y position of camera

Z (Number)

z position of camera

Right X (Number)

x right of camera

Right Y (Number)

y right of camera

Right Z (Number)

z right of camera

Up X (Number)

x up of camera

Up Y (Number)

y up of camera

Up Z (Number)

z up of camera

Forward X (Number)

x forward of camera

Forward Y (Number)

y forward of camera

Forward Z (Number)

z forward of camera

Near Frustum (Number)

frustum near

Far Frustum (Number)

frustum far

Bottom Frustum (Number)

frustum bottom

Top Frustum (Number)

frustum top

Left Frustum (Number)

frustum left

Right Frustum (Number)

frustum right

FOV (Number)

field of view

Aspect Ratio (Number)

aspect ratio

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CameraInfo - example

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created op
2019-11-08 - simod
Ops.User.simod.CameraDecompose renamed to Ops.Gl.Matrix.CameraDecompose
2019-11-08 - simod
Ops.Gl.Matrix.CameraDecompose renamed to Ops.Gl.Matrix.CameraInfo
2019-11-08 - simod