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PatternLookup Op


map a pattern to value levels of your texture

This op can be used to map a pattern to the brightness values of your texture inside ImageCompose. Use the Width and Height adjustments to adjust the position of the elements of your texture.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.PatternLookup
  • Core Op - Official cables op
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Example Patch Patternlookup Example

Patternlookup op is a texture effect used inside an Image Compose stack that will take an input texture and modify it by luminance values in the image compose stack, remapping the positions of the texture.

in this example you can try 2 example textures that are used as patterns to map to the underlying waveform gradient.

Open In Editor


render (Trigger)

attach in ImageCompose

Multiplier (Object)

input texture to apply to your image


Blend Mode (Number:string )
Amount (Number)
Width (Number)

width of grid pattern

Height (Number)

height of grid pattern


trigger (Trigger)

Usages of PatternLookup

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Ops.User.pandur.PatternLookup renamed to Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.PatternLookupuser avatarpandur - 2019-08-25
renameOps.Gl.TextureEffects.PatternLookup renamed to Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.PatternLookupuser avatarpandur - 2023-12-06